Monday, October 22, 2007

As of now we have no plans for the summer. We'll try to fit in with what is convenient for others. Jan C.
I have no idea what our summer is going to be, so plan away...and we'll try to fit in. No kids in school yet to have to worry about that.
I am going to be home the week of July 4th so before that or right after would be good for me, but whatever date you need to plan is fine. We would love to be there, but I know that you have a lot to consider. School doesn't get out until June 16th and that is without snow days. Usually we are out around the 20th or so. Shelley

Reunion Plans

Greetings to all the Hawkins family. It's time to pick a date for our next reunion. It seems that the reunion will be in Georgia again, even though the James H. family graciously agreed to host it in Ky. The good news for them is that they don't have to plan the reunion, the bad news is they have to drive in Atlanta! Please post any commitments that you have that would keep you from attending. Buddy and his family are already committed for June 6-13. Is late May a possible time? Schools get out at so many different times, therefore I'll wait for your feed-back. You are getting an invite to be on this blog--this enables you to leave notes, and not just read them. To leave a note, just click on "new post" on top right and then follow instructions. If you have any problems I'm sure your kids can help *smile*. To enlarge a posted picture, click on it. I'll be waiting to hear so that the ball gets rolling. Our son, Kelley, gets married in 26 days, so our house is a busy place right now, but I will try to keep up to date on the reunion posts. Susan